Integrated Feminine

Feeling Discernment

The Dilemma

The zeitgeist of femininity has changed a lot in the last 60 or so years and we have seen a massive shift from un-integrated feminine to un-integrated masculine in women. This shows up in women as a boundary against life being able to penetrate in, a bubble of self-sufficiency and defense. It’s an important step towards integration, but when stuck here, the feminine loses sensitivity, openness, and cannot connect to her feeling capacity for discernment or give her gifts to the masculine.

If you as a woman are stuck here, you will find yourself in de-polarised relationships, wondering where your creativity and vibrancy has gone; how come it is that you are carrying the masculine better than the actual men in your life; and beginning to buy the lie that the only way to get ahead as a woman these days is to be a better man than men are.

Whilst we’ve been given the impression that this is the end point, there is in fact another important step to take: that of integrating the masculine you’ve recently (in evolutionary terms) got in contact with, in with your innate feminine. When these two polarities are integrated and in balance with each other, the feminine part of you brings the capacity to feel, to intuit, to be open to your masculine need for bounded-ness, and together you become able to birth your feminine sense of FEELING DISCERNMENT into the world.

In short: Raw Innate Feminine + Cultivated Masculine = Feminine Feeling Discernment

If you find yourself in this position of being in primary alignment with your masculine aspect, and yet know that by nature you are predominantly feminine, you will find yourself feeling depleted by life, lacking in wonder, joy, and power; feeling like a nagging mother to your partner and bringing all the direction to your family. You will likely be experiencing uncharacteristic bouts of rage with a deeply held in grief underneath, but feel powerless to effect any positive change.

If this description sounds like you and yet you are aching to rest and re-charge in your nourishing, wise feminine in order to be more congruent with your true nature, be a powerful, intuitive, sensitive feminine woman for yourself, your family, and your community then the following programme is designed for you.

The Solution

I run a 6 week programme to get you from over-identification with the masculine, to an integrated feminine and masculine balance. It is tailored specifically to you, your journey through life so far, your particular natural manifestations of both feminine and masculine energies, and gets you to familiarise yourself with and be able to independently maintain your mature feminine expression. It is comprised of the following:

Pre-first Session

A written self narrative guided by questions I will ask you and an in depth week long log.

This is the first big challenge. Initiation to the next level first requires the determination and diligence to look life squarely in the face and be truthful with yourself about what has been.

Initial Session

An initial session that will take anything up to 3 hours, either in person here in Devon, or over Zoom.

During this time we will get a clear picture of your current situation and start you off on your weekly assignments that will be your personal tools of transformation.

Journey Sessions

There will then be 4 ‘journey’ sessions that form the main body of our work together, of up to 2 hours in length.

Here we will track your progress and deal with any obstacles that arise. During each session we will review the work you’ve completed over the previous week, embed that learning in your system, and identify the next step for you to take during the coming week.

Final Meeting

Our final meeting will again take up to 3 hours.

During this time we will assess the change that has taken place, create a plan for its maintenance and further development, and celebrate the gains that have been made!

Additional Information

Daily Check-ins

During the 6 week period, you will also be required to make daily check-ins with me. These can be very brief voice-clip check-ins via WhatsApp or Messenger and will keep you aligned to your purpose.

Weekly Tasks

You will also be required to allow a minimum of 7 hours per week for tasks I will set you. This goes alongside a pretty much permanent awareness of how you are showing up in your masculine and feminine throughout each week.


I will also be available during this time to respond to questions via email or a brief chat on the phone. This is for little clarifications that might crop up during the week, and also for big wobbles you may have during the process that you need extra support with.

Post-training Check-ins

Option to arrange subsequent 1 hour check-ins. Once you have completed the programme, you can book in to talk to me at a discounted charge, if you come across a particularly daunting challenge that you would appreciate my perspective on.

Graduate Hub

There will also be a graduate hub that you can join for alumni who have experienced the process to support each other. This will be a Facebook group that you can meet and chat on as well as optional group check-ins on Zoom.

My Promise to You

This work is my passion and purpose. I believe in it with all my heart. I am committed to your full empowerment as a woman in these shifting times. I will ask a lot from you both in terms of commitment to the work of the journey and in terms of financial remuneration for my time, skills, experience, and compassion…. AND…. if you complete the journey and feel that it hasn’t got you to your integrated feminine feeling discernment, I will refund you all bar your deposit.
This honours my time, commitment and skills, gives you the security of knowing your time and money will be well spent, and gives us both the opportunity to be in full integrity and compassion throughout.


As in electrical charge… the power I need you to put into your process alongside your time and commitment: £1,800

This will be made up of £600 non-refundable booking fee. Upon receiving this, I will send out to you all the course materials you need to be ready for your first session. The remaining £1,200 to be paid before your first session.

Touching in

If you’re inspired by this programme but want to touch in with me before making a commitment to it we can have a half hour chat on the phone. Please text me on 07842 722 053 and we’ll arrange a good time to talk.

Please note though that I will not be available during school holidays.

Are you in!?